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Warranty & Returns

Return Policy

Credit will be issued for returned merchandise upon receipt and inspection of goods. Warranty will be invalid once warranty labels are removed; and or merchandise has been altered or damaged. A restocking fee of 25% may apply for returns. Credits, refunds or exchanges will be at the discretion of Sterling Mobile Services. Customer is responsible for payment on merchandise not returned and will comply with invoice terms set. Resulting failure to pay will be subject to Sterling Mobile Services’ attorneys fees incurred in the collection of such ineptness.

Definition of Warranty

Your satisfaction is our number one goal. In the event that a recently serviced unit fails to work, please call our Customer Service Center at (480) 785-4711.

A service technician may be asked to confirm that the system has been set up correctly and will assign a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#), to ensure that your equipment is handled properly. We give all warranty repairs our top priority. Furthermore, if a technician discovers an on-going problem with the units, they will do everything they can to suggest ways to improve the life of the equipment.

Warranty of Service

For a period of 90 days from the original date of billing, SMS will guarantee that all parts used in the repair of an electronic system will be free of any defects. If for any reason the equipment was to fail, (excluding abuse, neglect, and acts of God) the service department of SMS will repair the unit at no additional charge. While any parts used in the original repair will be replaced at no charge, there will, however, be a charge for any parts needed.

Here are some reasons why equipment will come back to the service department, and what action will be taken:

Technician was not able to solve the problem

This is an obvious warranty condition. There will be no charge for this repair.

Parts used in the original repair were defective

This is an obvious warranty condition. There will be no charge for this part or for the service labor necessary to effectively repair the unit.

Equipment has Failed

When the service technician has completed a repair, the entire system is inspected for defects and is set according to factory specifications. Occasionally, another failure unrelated to the original problem will occur. There will be no labor charge for this type of repair, but there will be a charge for any additional parts.

How to Use This System

Often, a service technician will recheck returned equipment only to find nothing wrong with the unit. Many times this is due to the customer or service technician not setting the internal parameters of the system correctly. Before you send back a piece of equipment, please call our service department to see if your equipment has been set up correctly. There is no charge for this service, but charges may be accessed to a customer who repeatedly sends in equipment to have their system parameters re-set.

The Equipment was Dropped or Abused

Abuse and neglect is typically self-evident. All other service warranties are voided when this occurs. The customer is charged according to standard parts and labor rates.