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Barcode Scanner Repair


Barcode Scanner Equipment Repair

Sterling Mobile has solutions to help you maximize the use of your mobile computers. We also have solutions for your barcode scanning and printing equipment.

Sterling Mobile offers flexible barcode equipment repair programs that suit every client size. Select the solution that best fits your business model, budget, repair, turnaround, and response time.

Select your solution from our menu of offerings or have Sterling Mobile create a custom repair solution that is unique to your needs. Enjoy the costs savings! Maximize the use of your equipment while receiving nothing but the best customer service.
Solutions We Offer:
Single Tier Flat Rate
This program allows you to pay as you go. Have the peace of mind with no hidden costs with our Single Tier Flat Rate. One price covers 99% of all repairs needed on your equipment. This program will also speed up the process of your barcode scanner repairs and reduce down time. With a predetermined flat rate price you can send a pre-approved purchase order. This eliminates the approval process and reduces admin time.
Two Tiered Rates
This program has two types of repair levels. The program consists of a basic barcode equipment repair and a comprehensive repair rate. With this program you’re in control of the costs. Our Basic repair level includes minor repairs and minor part costs with the repair. Our Comprehensive barcode scanner repair includes all major components and major repairs plus what is covered in a basic repair. As you can see your total costs will depend on you or your staff being a light or heavy equipment user.
Maintenance Contract
This program provides the peace of mind that all your equipment is serviced for a predetermined length of time. This is all done at an annual price per device.
Time and Material
This program is more suitable towards a la carte barcode scanner repairs. It was designed towards expensive equipment like industrial and large table top barcode label printers.
Sterling Mobile Complete Care
Protect your mobile computers and barcode scanning equipment now with a higher standard service plan. Sterling Mobile Complete Care plan will keep your business running efficiently by saving you money. When you add this plan you will have protection against accidental damage and normal wear and tear. This complete barcode scanner repair coverage will eliminate those hidden costs when least expected. Take advantage of these barcode equipment repair benefits now and get more for less, the annual price for Sterling Mobile Complete Care service is less than a standard contract and also comes with more coverage than a standard contract.

Covered Solutios Sterling Standard Warranty Sterling Complete Care Sterling Standard Contract OEM Factory Warranty
Start Date Day 1 Day 1 Start Date Day 1
Term 3 months 1, 2, or 3 years 1 year 1-2 years average
Turnaround Time 3-5 days 3-5 days 3-5 days 10+ days on average
Comprehensive Coverage NO YES* NO NO
Standard Wear and Tear YES YES YES NO
Parts and Labor YES YES YES NO
Return Shipping** YES YES YES YES
Technical Support YES YES YES NO
Features Covered:
Torn or worn keypad
Lines or cracked display
Cracked or broken triggers
Cracked or broken touchscreen/digitizer
Broken housing assy’s
Cracked windows
Incidental damage

Experienced technicians
Technical support from the technician working on your barcode equipment repairs.

* Excluding Fire, Water-Liquid, Forklift and Extreme Abuse
** Return freight includes Ground Only

Sterling Mobile Complete Care must be purchased within 30days. Turn around time does not include transit to and from service center. Take advantage of our Sterling Mobile barcode scanner repair and care now. Call our sales team at (480) 785-4711 or request a quote by clicking here!


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“I received all of our barcode equipment repairs from Sterling Mobile in great shape and in a timely manner. I received up-date emails throughout the order, something that’s never happened with other vendors. In the future I will always check with Sterling Mobile first and I will be buying even more units when we need them.”  — David H. – Distribution Service Operator

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