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Intermec PB50


Intermec PB50

The PB50 four-inch mobile label printer is the perfect complement to Intermec’s mobile computers, scanners and media to put your mobile workers in the warehouse fast lane. With the convenience of printing labels, tags and receipts where and when you need to through Bluetooth® and WLAN connectivity, the PB50 increases productivity for warehouse operations, or wherever you need a combination of wireless communication, ultra-fast print speeds and well-managed battery life in a rugged, wearable design.


    About Intermec PB50

    The PB50 printer interfaces seamlessly with Bluetooth-enabled Intermec mobile computers including the CK31, CK61, and CV30 vehicle mount computer, along with the CN3, and 700 series. The PB50 offers the flexibility to either be worn using a shoulder strap or belt clip, or it can be mounted to a mobile cart or fork truck.

    A unique design that combines a high-voltage battery, patented techniques for power management of the print head, and high speed electronics normally only used in desktop printers enable the PB50 to print the full-width of all pixels simultaneously and achieve “time to first label” in less than half the time of other label printers.*