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Motorola MC3090

MC3090 Spec Sheet


Motorola MC3090

The MC3090 from Symbol Technologies is a lightweight, rugged mobile computer ideal for scan intensive environments that require high-quality data capture throughout the enterprise. Its superior ergonomic design and flexible configurations facilitate faster decision making and increased workforce satisfaction inside the retail store, on the loading dock or on a delivery route. MC3090 offer a variety of feature options, including one-dimensional (1D) laser and 2D image scanning, color or monochrome display, batch or wireless communications, and three different keypad options, allows you to meet your customer, employee and IT needs. MC3090 added comfort and productivity, the laser scanner configuration is equipped with a rotating scan head with left, right and front positions. Contact us today about buying, servicing, renting or selling MC3090 gear!


    More Info About MC3090

    The MC3090 features a 320×320 resolution, a standard 1D laser scanner or 2D imager, integrated 28, 38 and 48 key keypads and a 16.2 watt-hours smart Lithium-ion battery. The MC3090 is also rated for toughness – able to withstand 4′ drops and over 500 1/2-meter tumbles. The Motorola MC3090 is ideal for both simple retail use and demanding industrial applications. Contact us today about buying, servicing, renting or selling AML MC3090 gear!